Adrian chiles and christine bleakley dating

19-Jul-2017 01:34

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Christine Bleakley has been dodging the paparazzi and denying all rumours of a relationship with England footballer Frank Lampard.

But after weeks of being hounded by the Press to out her blossoming romance with the Chelsea midfielder she has finally admitted the pair are dating.

It’s one of the worst situations life can throw at you,” he said. I just want someone to take care of me.” Despite his easy-going TV style, Chiles, who also presents Match Of The Day 2, revealed he has something of a temper when pushed. Whenever I get mad, I think that’s the Croatian part in me coming out,” he said.

Bleakley, who is now engaged to Frank Lampard, the footballer, scotched any suggestion of romance.

Pougatch, a presenter on BBC Radio Five Live, will begin his new role on Feb 17, when Chelsea are due to play Paris St-Germain in the Champions League.

The announcement marked a nadir in the career of Chiles, who previously enjoyed a remarkable rise to prominence, from giving out share tips on lunchtime television on BBC Two’s Working Lunch, to reportedly earning more than £4.5 million a year as one of ITV’s flagship presenters.

So far the couple have not actually been captured on camera, save for a much-used shot of Christine at Whisky Mist — with the footballer’s reflection captured on a pane of glass.

The snappers had clearly been tipped off about the former BBC Northern Ireland presenter’s movements last Friday night, hence the posse camped outside Lampard’s place hoping to catch the pair off-guard.

And he spoke of his pain over the split with his wife.