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The arrival of America’s Care Package Week 3 made things even more interesting, while a fight broke out between Justin Duncan and Danielle Lickey over children, Jason Roy and Shane Chapman decided to violate a pillow, and Danielle expressed the view that her showmance with Shane will remain hot and heavy long after It's time to see who YOU chose to get the next #BBCare Package.

It's going down now on the #BBOTT live feeds: https://t.co/s KM0zq5In L pic.twitter.com/Yg Cb Nb IY9u — BBOver The Top (@BBOver The Top) October 14, 2016, this gives the recipient several options regarding the Power of Veto (POV) Week 3, including invoking the Diamond Veto, which allows the veto holder to remove a houseguest from the eviction block and name a replacement nominee; the Double Veto, allowing the veto holder to gain two vetoes; and the Boomerang Veto, which gives the holder the ability to use the POV twice, which means this person could remove two cast members from the chopping block.

Shane said he would spray a T-shirt with cologne on it and leave it for her, presumably so she could sniff it to remind her of him when he’s gone.

Shane promised to watch Danielle on So, Jason told those watching the live feeds, “I want to give you America what you want… I want to give y’all that.” He argued that without Danielle, Shane is “nothing,” but that she is “everything without Shane” and will be “more focused on the game than she has been.” Jason emphasized that he was frustrated that Scott and his allies were dead set on getting Shane out, so there wasn’t much he could do about it.

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Shane infected Danielle Danielle infected Justin Justin infected Shelby Shelby infected Scott Scott infected Neeley Neeley infected Kryssie Kryssie infected Morgan Morgan infected Cornbread Cornbread infected Jason Jason infected Whitney Whitney infected Alex Monte won Head of Household Safety Ceremony Announcement (Day 3) Julie said that the Ho H must nominate two houseguests for eviction, but there are no nomination ceremonies.

This list only shows showmances in the season they originated in, as some seasons have had both showmance partners return, where the showmance then continued, such as Jeff and Jordan from BB11, and Brendon and Rachel from BB12, who all returned for BB13, where they continued their showmances.

However if one person returned and had a showmance with different people in their original seasons than in their second seasons, it will be counted, such as Mike "Boogie" and Dr Will showmancing Krista and Shannon during BB2 and Erika and Janelle during BB7.

Move In Day (Day 1) America's Jury Vote Announcement (Day 1) Julie informed the houseguests that on Big Brother: Over The Top there is no jury.

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She said that when you are out of the game, you are out of the game for good.Because the cast members are not allowed to use pen and paper to write things down, the couple attempted to use nail polish to accomplish the task.