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14-Aug-2017 22:32

Conduct internet searches and check with independent sources to verify the person’s claims.• Be careful about accepting friend requests on Facebook or other sites, even if you think you know the person making the request.The ability to bring evil corporate polluters to their knees? How, many of you wanted to know, can I find out more about this right-swiped, photo-ready Prince or Princess Charming with the cute smile?To expose corruption on some school board failing our children? I decided the way to figure this out was by reporting — a solution to many of life’s most important things.“Scam artists will pretend to be someone they’re not,” said Ohio Attorney General Mike De Wine, in a news release on Thursday.

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These scams involve a con artist creating a fake profile, and contacting the victim on Facebook or an online dating site. When last we met, Pro Publica had just launched a bunch of fun new features, of which this is allegedly one.

Due to an ankle injury at the age of 16, Murgatroyd gave up ballet and picked up Latin dancing.… continue reading »

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On 19 February 2010, he presented East Enders Live: The Aftermath alongside Kirsten O'Brien, interviewing the cast and production team after the first live episode of East Enders.… continue reading »

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