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27-Jul-2017 11:27

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A study by the Center for Disease Control and Department of Justice found that in 2010, more men than women were victims of intimate partner violence.

Violence against men is often overlooked and disregarded, but it does not have to be.

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Know the warning signs, how to get help, and ways you can prevent this.Sexual violence can affect adolescents in dating relationships; however, dating violence also includes bullying, harassment, and other controlling behaviors that are not often required to be reported to authorities. Contact [email protected] copyright questions and/or permission requests.Although there are similarities between adult and adolescent relationship violence, there are some notable differences, including fewer legal protections afforded to adolescents.4 Local domestic violence agencies are good resources for state-specific legal information and information about local community-and school-focused adolescent dating violence prevention programs. Halpern CT, Young ML, Waller MW, Martin SL, Kupper LL. US Preventive Services Task Force Screening for family and intimate partner violence Rockville, Md: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; March 2004. Adolescent dating violence is associated with increased rates of eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy, and continued perpetration and victimization, yet many physicians are unfamiliar with this term.13 Adolescent dating violence is defined as physical, sexual, or psychological violence within an adolescent dating relationship,4 which manifests as, but is not limited to, threatening partners with physical harm; humiliation; controlling behaviors; or threatening to reveal sexual activity, sexual orientation, or gender identity of the victim to others.46Adolescent dating violence is increasingly identified as a major public health problem, but there is limited evidence to support routine screening by physicians. As with adult relationship violence, adolescent dating violence occurs in all social classes, locations, and ethnic and racial groups.4 Studies demonstrate that up to 30 percent of adolescents have been threatened or physically or sexually abused by a dating partner, with young women disproportionately affected by these types of violence.

Preventive Services Task Force does not recommend for or against screening for family and intimate partner violence, but it is important to note that this recommendation does not specifically recognize adolescent dating relationships or adolescent dating violence.7 The American Academy of Family Physicians policy statement on adolescent care states, “In meeting our ethical obligations to our adolescent patients…we rely on our professional judgment, informed by clinical assessment, training, and experience, to address a patient's health conditions or a sensitive situation.”8 Thus, even in the absence of outcomes evidence, family physicians should be prepared to support adolescents in their development of healthy relationships, be able to identify those who are experiencing dating violence, and educate adolescents and parents about this issue.

The Texas Council on Family Violence provides brochures and other publications free of charge to family violence organizations and our allies.

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