Radiocarbon 14 dating of the shroud of turin

15-Dec-2017 02:38

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Students will ask why a single sample from a suspect corner was used.

They will wonder why protestations from experts in the Shroud’s chemistry were ignored.

I love these kinds of mysteries on the borders of the explicable, the sort of stuff you find in books such as Paul Badde’s The latest findings are contained in a new Italian-language book — Il Mistero Della Sindone or The Mystery of the Shroud, by Giulio Fanti, a professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at Padua University, and Saverio Gaeta, a journalist.

Fanti, a Catholic, used infra-red light and spectroscopy – the measurement of radiation intensity through wavelengths — in his test.

Not that it shouldn’t be so categorized, but journalists who write these stories invariably have only a sketchy and often outdated understanding of the science of the shroud. Now, other arguments from history and other scientific disciplines that suggest that the shroud is much older warrant consideration and mention.

Actually, the news is from 2013, but you probably still think it’s a medieval fake.A January 20, 2005 article in the scholarly, peer-reviewed scientific journal Thermochimica Acta (Volume 425, pages 189-194, by Raymond N.Rogers, Los Alamos National Laboratory, University of California) makes it perfectly clear: the carbon 14 dating sample cut from the Shroud in 1988 was not valid.They demonstrated that the sample area was significantly unlike the rest of the shroud.

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In other words it is almost certain that the shroud itself was not carbon dated.

The author dismisses 1988 carbon-14 dating tests which concluded that the linen sheet was a medieval fake.

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