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Clearly, they don’t value your time or understand that it’s important. It’s my duty as a leader for my team to go out and make sure that the guy got his project finished.

Even if he’s in the wrong (and he is) I should have taken more initiative in seeing the project through. Instead of letting my friend “come find me,” I would have scheduled time in my day to work with him.

2, 2008, I sat in the common room of All Saints Hospital watching the local TV news, still in shock and trying to process the devastation of the day before. 1, the bodies of Sarah and Amina Said, sisters aged 17 and 18, had been found in the back of a taxicab in a hotel parking lot in Irving, Texas.

No amount of anxiety medication they gave me seemed to be enough. Their father, Yaser Abdel Said, had not been heard from since and was considered a prime suspect.

A recent study by the US Justice Department quoted research that estimates between 23 and 27 honor killings occur each year in the US and there are 1,500 forced marriages. A separate study by the Population Reference Bureau estimates that 507,000 women and girls in the US are at risk or have already undergone FGM, where her genitalia are partially or totally removed to control sexuality and ensure virginity until marriage, more than twice the number estimated 15 years.

Director of 'The Price of Honor' Xoel Pamos, in an interview with the Daily Beast, said he found honor killings were different from domestic violence, as other family members were often involved in the violence.

"5 His utter lust for (and unwavering devotion to) one or more of your body parts, be it your legs, breasts, hips or behind.

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Its forms range from domestic violence for defying parental authority or behaving 'too Westernised', to extreme sexual control including female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage and ultimately killings to protect the family's reputation in a conservative community.

When Pamos began researching the documentary, which was screened in Washington last week, he said he set out to tell stories from women around the world but the tragedy of Amina and Sarah captivated him.